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Plenary Speakers

Session A1: Exact solutions and their interpretation

Session A2: Mathematical relativity and classical gravitation

Session A3: Alternative and modified theories of gravity

Session A4: Complex and conformal methods in classical and quantum gravity

Session B1: Relativistic astrophysics

Session B2: Numerical relativity

Session B3: Approximations, perturbation theory, and their applications

Session B4: Exact solutions and their interpretation

Session C1: Pulsar Timing Arrays

Session C2: Gravitational waves: Searches, data analysis, parameter estimation, and multimessenger astronomy

Session C3: Gravitational waves: Present and future of ground-based and space-based detectors

Session C4: Experimental gravitation

Session D1: Loop quantum gravity and spin foams

Session D2: Strings, branes, entanglement, AdS/CFT, and all that

Session D3: Causal sets, causal dynamical triangulations, non-commutative geometry, asymptotic safety, and other approaches to quantum gravity

Session D4: Quantum fields in curved space-time, semiclassical gravity, quantum gravity phenomenology, and analog models

Session O

Special Session: Gravitational Waves Highlights